Muscle Shoals, AL

Photos/text courtesy of Tim Kent, Tuscumbia, AL
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(November 2008) Lagrange Military College when in operation before the war

(November 2008) Enlarge Monument at Lagrange Military College site about 3 miles east of Muscle Shoals. The college was founded in 1830 and was known as the West Point of the South. Young cadets were sent there from all over the nation. The college was burned on April 28, 1863 by Federal Colonel Florence Cornyn under orders of General Granville Dodge

The 35th Alabama was formed here on March 12, 1862



(November 2008) Enlarge Monument

(November 2008) Enlarge The old plaque located here. The school was eventually rebuilt after the war as Florence State, which is now the University of North Alabama


(November 2008) Enlarge The stone is original and says, "Lagrange 1830" most of which is difficult to read because of erosion


(November 2008) These five pictures are of a redoubt in Muscle Shoals, Alabama on the bluff overlooking the Tennessee River, just south of Florence. Hood's troops dug this redoubt in early November, 1864, just before moving north in the Nashville Campaign. Lieutenant General S.D. Lee's troops were camped here

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