Fort Lincoln, MD

Photos/Text courtesy of Laura Hammett, MD
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Point Lookout, Maryland:
1. "Fort Lincoln" Point Lookout, Maryland - Historic Forts on
2. Point Lookout State Park History
3. Fort Lincoln, Washington, D.C. - Wikipedia
4. Fort Lincoln Marker: HMDB

5. Friends of Point Lookout
6. Camp Casey and Fort Lincoln near Bladensburg 1861 Greeting Card from
7. Historic Fort Lincoln Cemetery Marker: HMDB

(2009) Enlarge Entrance to Fort Lincoln

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(2009) Enlarge Wartime camp store



(2009) Enlarge New memorial that is just past the original one. Built and dedicated by the descendents of Civil War soldiers and prisoners

(2009) Enlarge Bricks that are around the memorial with the names of prisoners who were held at Pt Lookout


(2009) Enlarge Plaque on the side of the original memorial


(2009) Enlarge Wartime guard shack

(2009) Enlarge Wartime soldiers' barracks    

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