Comfort, TX
 'Treue der Union' ('Loyal to the Union') Monument

Photos/text courtesy of Stephen Siemsen
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1. Comfort and the Treue der Union Monument
2. The Treue Der Union Monument in Texas

3. Daughters of Union Veterans of the Civil War 1861-1865
4. Thoughts, Essays, and Musings on the Civil War: On the Margins of the War: TrŽue der Union
5. Civil War Traveler - Texas

(2009) The German immigrants in the Texas Hill Country north and east of San Antonio were staunchly anti-slavery and pro-Union. After Texas seceded, Anglo-Texans descended on their communities with a vengeance, killing dozens and burning their farms and homes for refusing to sign "Loyalty Oaths" to the Confederate Government. After the war, the bones of several victims were gathered and buried in Comfort, Texas, under this monument, which was dedicated in 1866. The 35-star flag is always flown at half-staff.

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