Waynesville, NC

Photos/text courtesy of Brian Duckworth, NC
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1. Waynesville, North Carolina - Wikipedia
2. Thomas' Legion: The 69th North Carolina Regiment

3. Civil War Traveler - North Carolina
4. History of the Cherokee -- The Thomas Legion

(February 2008) Enlarge Downtown Waynesville, NC, near Cherokee. Notice how the mountains surround this small community-it plays into the history as you will see in the NC Civil War Trails markers
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(February 2008) Enlarge Waynesville municipal building, location of the Battle House Civil War Trails marker



(February 2008) Enlarge Battle House CW Trails marker

(February 2008) Enlarge The Battle House site


(February 2008) Enlarge NC historical marker: Martin's Surrender. In 1865, some of the last shots of the war were fired in Waynesville


(February 2008) Enlarge Greenhill Cemetery. Burial site of William H. Thomas (Thomas's Legion)

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