Centralia, Missouri

1. Shane Higgins, Chelsea, AL
2. Lee Hohenstein, Lincoln, NE
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1. Battle of Centralia, MO
2. Centralia Massacre and Battle

3. Centralia Massacre (Missouri) - Wikipedia
4. Centralia Missouri - Anchored in History
5. Battle of Centralia, Centralia, MO - Missouri Historical Markers on Waymarking.com

(2009) Enlarge Walking through woods to battlefield
Shane Higgins photo

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(2009) Enlarge The western part of field from which the Federals advanced
Shane Higgins photo



(2009) Enlarge The Monument placed at the eastern part of the field
Shane Higgins photo

(2009) Enlarge Back of monument
Shane Higgins photo

(2009) Enlarge View from the federal advance - Behind those trees at the base of the field hid Anderson and his men waiting to spring the trap
Shane Higgins photo


(2009) Enlarge The actual site of Andersons brutal murder of federal troops pulled from the train
Shane Higgins photo


(October 2010) Enlarge Marker inside frame at railroad depot massacre site
Lee Hohenstein photo


(2009) Enlarge Marker located at Jefferson City National Cemetery for those lost at Centralia
Shane Higgins photo

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