Canton, KY
Nathan Bedford Forrest vs. Gunboat Conestoga

Photos/text courtesy of Richard Edling, Philadelphia, PA
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1. KY:Historical Society - Historical Marker Database
2. BrownWater Navy (Union, Civil War) Western Rivers

3. Nathan Bedford Forrest: in search of ... - Google Books
4. Union Riverine Ironclads
5. The campaigns of lieut.-gen. N.B ... - Google Books
6. BrownWater Navy (Union, Civil War) Cumberland River

(October 2009)
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(October 2009) Enlarge Kentucky historical marker near Canton



(October 2009) Enlarge Other side of marker

(October 2009) Enlarge Cumberland River near the markers


(Wartime) Enlarge U.S. Gunboat Conestoga in the Cumberland River


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