Buckland Mills, VA

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Buckland Mills (also known as the Buckland Races)
Located along modern 15/29 in Virginia (the former Warrenton Turnpike), this cavalry battle on October 19, 1863 involved General Judson Kilpatrick's and George Custer's troops on the Union side and General J.E.B. Stuart, Wade Hampton and Fitzhugh Lee's on the Confederate's.
While waiting for Lee's division from Auburn, Stuart lured Kilpatick's cavalry along the Warrenton Turnpike into a pursuit knowing that Lee was maneuvering around Kilpatrick to hit him from the rear.
Stuart anchored his troops on Chestnut Hill (the treed area is where the left side of Stuart's troopers were located; the area across rt. 15/29 was where the bulk of his three brigades were located).
At 3:30PM, Stuart's cavalry surprised Fitzpatrick, who fearing enemy to the rear, broke and was chased by Stuart for five miles in what became known as the "Buckland Races." Custer's brigade stemmed the retreat and covered the Union cavalry as it crossed the Broad Run ford.


(May 2009) Enlarge Buckland Races interpretive marker (Virginia Civil War Trails)

(May 2009) Stuart's left



(May 2009) Enlarge Bulk of Stuart's three brigades, across Warrenton Pike


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