Broome County Soldiers and Sailors Monument
Binghamton, NY

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1. The Broome County Courthouse

The Broome County Soldiers and Sailors monument was erected by the Soldiers Monumental Association in 1889. The association, which was formed in about 1887, decided that Broome County's Civil War dead should have a fitting memorial.

Col. Edward Franc, instrumental in providing mortars and cannon balls to base of monumentThe monument was designed by Barnes and Congdon, a firm of marble workers. Barnes and  were located on the northeastern corner of Warren and Chenango Streets.

The monument stands in front of the Broome County Courthouse , and is the central monument relating to Broome County's history. There is a statue, erected about the same time, of Daniel Dickinson. Dickinson was a local politician who was considered for vice presidential candidate, under Abraham Lincoln, in 1864. There is a bust of Christopher Columbus, commemorating the 500th anniversary of his landing in America. There is a beautiful monument along with two M2.50 Caliber machine guns, remembering the brave boys of Broome County who fought in the Korean Conflict (War). Another monument shows Gen George Washington praying at Valley Forge. This marker remembers the 400 men who fought under Washington during the Revolutionary War.

Many men from Broome County fought in The Civil War and many regiment were represented in most major battles in the Eastern Theater.


(January 8, 2009) Enlarge Broome County Soldiers and Sailors Civil War Monument located in front of the Broome County Courthouse, Binghamton, New York

(January 8, 2009) Enlarge For some time after it's erection the monument stood on Courthouse Square with no particular setting. Gen. Edward F. Jones, who during the Civil War was colonel for the 6th Mass Regiment decided the monument needed a definite base. Through his connection at Washington D.C, he obtained the four mortars and mounds of cannonballs that surround the base of the structure



(January 8, 2009) Enlarge Some infantry regiments represented by Broome County:
27th Inf Reg Co's C,D and F
89th Inf Reg Dickinson Guard Co's B,F,G,H and K
90th Inf Reg Hancock Guard, McClellan's Chasseurs and McClellan's Rifles
109th Inf Reg Binghamton Regiment, Railway Brigade Co's D,E and H
124th Inf Reg American Guard, Orange Blossoms Co I

(January 8, 2009) Enlarge More infantry regiments represented by Broome County
137th Inf Reg Ironclads Co's A,B,E and F
155th Inf Reg Corcoran's Brigade or Irish legion Co F
161st Inf Reg Co's E and G
168th Inf Reg Nineteenth Militia Co's A and H
179th Inf Reg Co K


(November 15, 2008) Enlarge List of artillery units from Broome County:

3rd Lt Artillery Sewards Artillery (Cayuga Regiment)
16th Independent Battery Dickinson Lt Artillery


(November 15, 2008) Enlarge Beautiful statue high atop monument
Cavalry units from Broome County:

1st Veterans Cav Reg Co's F and M
1st Dragoons Reg Co C
3rd Ca Reg Van Alen Cav Co E
6th Cav Reg Ira Harris Cav Co's G and I
8th Cav Reg Rochester Reg Co's L and M
11th Cav Reg Scott's Nine Hundred, First US Vol Cav Co's C,F and G


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