Hillington Cemetery, Morris, NY
Union Monument

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Hillington Cemetery - Otsego County, New York

This Civil War Union monument was built by Thompson and Mills Statuary in Utica, New York. The monument was placed in the Hillington Cemetery in the 1880's. The monument and gravestones in the cemetery is devoted mostly to the 121st NYVI and the 152nd NYVI. Colonel Leonard Boyer received authority on August 23, 1862 to recruit the 152nd at the town of Mowhawk. The 121st NYVI was recruited mostly in Otsego and Herkimer counties in July and August 1862. By special order of New York State governor, Edwin D. Morgan, dated July 19, 1862, Hon. Richard Franchot, then a member of Congress, was appointed colonel of the regiment. Franchot was authorized to establish his headquarters at Richfield Springs, Otsego County.


(November 2008) Enlarge Entrance to Hillington, Cemetery, Morris, NY

(November 2008) Enlarge Union Monument



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(November 2008) Enlarge Close to 13,000 men died at Andersonville Prison, Georgia. The men from New York were no exception. 6 men on this monument are honored for their sacrifice there . Also on this side of monument, one man missing at Deep Bottom and one missing at the Battle of Spotsylvania


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