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Hodgenville, Kentucky

Photos/text courtesy of Richard Edling, Philadelphia, PA
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Lincoln's Boyhood Home: Kentucky
Lincoln's Boyhood Home: Indiana


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(October 2008) Enlarge This early 19th century Kentucky cabin, symbolizes the one in which Abraham was born
The original log cabin that Lincoln is reputed to have been born in was dismantled sometime prior to 1865. Local tradition held that some of the logs from the cabin were used in construction of a nearby house. New York businessman A.W. Dennett purchased the Lincoln farm in 1894 and used the logs from this house to create a cabin which approximated the appearance of the original cabin Lincoln was born in on a site near the Sinking Spring, but shortly thereafter it was again dismantled and re-erected for exhibition in many cities. Eventually, the logs for this cabin, along with logs reputed to belong to Jefferson Davis' birthplace[1] and possible a third cabin, were purchased by the Lincoln Farm Association (LFA) under the belief that only the Lincoln logs were included. When reassembly of the cabin was attempted, the problem was realized. The LFA ended up building a cabin very similar to the one build by Dennett. When the rebuilt cabin was placed in the Memorial Building, the size of the cabin made visitor circulation difficult so the LFA sawed the ends off the logs to reduce the size of the cabin from 16-by-18 feet to 12-by-17 feet. Courtesy of Wikipedia

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