Denmark, TN
Presbyterian Church (1854)

Photos/text courtesy of Tim Batross, Jackson, TN
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Denmark, TN (pdf)

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5. Jackson, Tennessee Convention & Visitors Bureau

(2008) Enlarge Presbyterian Church (1854), Denmark, Madison County, TN. Built by two Snipes brothers and their slaves

(2008) Enlarge The Denmark Danes



(2008) Enlarge 1st floor interior

(2008) Enlarge 2nd floor Masonic lodge. Union prisoners were kept here for a couple of days guarded by Confederate soldiers. Pencil markings are still evident on the lower walls near where they sat


(2008) Enlarge Construction example. Amazing how timber of this size was hand cut and lifted in 1854


(2008) Enlarge Marker: One Sabbath morning the Civil War two young soldiers of the Seventh Tennessee Calvary occupied this pew with their sweethearts. When the Federal soldiers surrounded the church and searched the building, the two soldiers escaped capture by hiding under the hoopskirts of the young ladies


(2008) Enlarge Marker: In memory of the Snipes brothers who built this church in 1854


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