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Soldiers' Monument

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The Civil War was still in progress when a movement was started to erect a fitting monument in Delhi to the memory of the brave soldiers who fought and died to preserve the Union. The idea was there but it bore little fruit. Then periodically during the next three decades the plan would surface, a little effort would be expended and little money collected. However, there was no concerted effort by the county or the people to bring this monument to fruition. In 1896, Col. R.P. Cormack, commander of the G.A.R England Post, presented the matter before his comrades. Money started to be collected and interest grew. Tuesday, September 18, 1906 was the day set aside for the unveiling of The Soldiers' Monument on the Court House Square at Delhi. The monument, which has become a well known landmark and admired piece of statuary, stands today in a picturesque setting for all seasons of the year. Members of the 144th, 71st, 72nd, 89th, and 101st Regiments as well as veterans of the 8th Independent Battery (Fitch's Brigade), marched in a parade celebrating the unveiling of the monument.


(November 20, 2008) Enlarge Soldiers' Monument, Delaware County Seat, Delhi, NY

(November 20, 2008) Enlarge Old Delaware County Courthouse. The agreed upon location for the monument

Detail of Monument. Click Thumbnails to Enlarge

Top of monument: Eight foot figure representing Peace and holding aloft a sheathed sword draped in laurel


Bronze plaque erected by the citizens of Delaware County honoring the soldiers from the area who served their country during the Civil War


It was decided that all four branches of military service be recognized. This soldier represents members of the Artillery


This soldier represents members of the Infantry (The majority of soldiers from Delaware County)


This soldier represents members of the Calvary


This sailor represents the Navy


It was planned that four mortars be placed near the monument and in September of 1906 two arrived. These were placed at the front two corners of the square. The mortars were donated by the U.S. government, the only cost being the shipping charges. The other two mortars arrived later, and were placed at the back two corners of the square


West side of monument with battles of Wilderness and Cold Harbor. Above battles is the year 1898 honoring those men who fought in The Spanish American War


North side of monument. Battles of Fort Sumter and Honey Hill, South Carolina (The only major battle for the men of the 144th).
1812-1845 In remembrance of all the men who fought in the war of 1812 and minor wars up until 1845


East side of monument. Battles of Fredericksburg and Petersburg.
1776 In memory of all the men who fought in the American Revolution


South side, facing Main Street. Battles of Gettysburg and Antietam.
1861-1865 Dedicated to all the boys in blue from Delaware County


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