Camp Delaware
Delhi, NY

Photos/text this page courtesy of Scott J. Payne, NY
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September of 1862 saw perhaps the greatest activity ever to occur on the "flats" vicinity. Camp Delaware, an organization camp for Delaware County's 144th Regiment was located there. The area selected was just north of the Presbyterian Church with seven of ten companies supplied with tents. Three companies, those formed in Middletown, Kortright, and Colchester, could not be furnished with tents and had to be billeted in the church horse sheds as were also the regimental headquarters and guard house. A huge tent, erected in the area for the contractor who provisioned the regiment, also served as a dining area for the troops. Daily large crowds of county residents flocked to the camp to witness the activities and visit relatives, young men now getting their first training as soldiers. It was said a festive atmosphere prevailed much of the time and a good deal of laughter, horseplay, and games were prevalent to break tensions and relieve anxiety. If this was the fun time of the regiment, the following months and years were not, among the mud, heat, rain, and death that awaited them in the Civil War South. More of the ranks would be decimated by disease and suffering than from battle casualties.


(November 20, 2008) Enlarge New York State marker next to monument in Court House Square telling of the area below Delhi, known as the "flats" where the 144th NYVI drilled and prepared for the battles to come

(November 20, 2008) Enlarge Former site of Camp Delaware, now a farmers corn and wheat field



(November 20, 2008) Enlarge View of Camp Delaware looking toward Delhi

(November 20, 2008) Enlarge Looking down on former site of Camp Delaware, from New York State Rt. 10

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