Riverside Cemetery
Oneonta, NY

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The Union monument is in the center of the Riverside Cemetery in Oneonta, New York. It represents the men of Oneonta, most of whom joined up with the 121st NYVI. The 121st was mustered out of both Otsego and Herkimer Counties. The monument has the names of the eight major battles that the men from Oneonta were engaged in. The cemetery is between Main Street and New York Interstate 88. Most people drive by the cemetery without ever knowing that it is even there. The cemetery holds the graves of roughly 25 Civil War veterans. One soldier, Robert Beach, was part of the 43rd Wisconsin Vols.

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(October 2008) Enlarge Battles Listed: Five Forks, Antietam, Gettysburgh (Notice Spelling), Wilderness


(October 2008) Enlarge Battles Listed: Cold Harbor, Fair Oaks, Williamsburgh (Notice Spelling), Fisher Hill

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