Pooler, GA

Photos/text courtesy of Richard Edling, Philadelphia, PA
and Mike Stroud, Bluffton, SC
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1. Pooler History - City of Pooler
2. Pooler, Georgia - Wikipedia
3. Georgia's Historic Civil War Heritage and Sites

(June 2008) Pooler, Georgia. During the Civil War, Pooler was a railway stop called Pooler's Station, the last stop before Savannah on the Central of Georgia Railroad. In December of 1864, it was a meeting place for Union officers led by William Tecumseh Sherman, who negotiated with Savannah authorities for the strategic port city's peaceful surrender
Richard Edling photo

(June 2008) Route 80 east thru Pooler, GA. Confederates angered Sherman by burying mines in the road
Richard Edling photo



(June 2008) Sherman was exposed to Confederate artillery fire that decapitated a passing slave in the area where U.S. 80 crosses the railroad
Richard Edling photo

(June 2008) Sherman and the Seventeenth Corps approached Savannah along the Louisville Road
Richard Edling photo


(June 2008) Old Louisville Road
Richard Edling photo

  (2009) Enlarge Georgia Historical Commission 1958 marker
Mike Stroud photo
(2009) Enlarge Caboose marks old RR line thru Pooler 
Mike Stroud photo

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