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Photos this page courtesy of Mike Stroud, Bluffton, SC

(2011) Enlarge Memory Hill Cemetery, Nathan C. Barnett (June 28,1801- February 2, 1890) was Georgia Secretary of State during the Civil War. When General Sherman’s forces entered Milledgeville in November 1864, Barnett hid the Great Seal of the State of Georgia in a pig pen to keep it from falling into the Federal army’s hands


(2011) Enlarge Dr. Samuel Gore White (1824-1877) served as Surgeon in Cobb's Legion, Georgia Volunteers,64th Regiment of Georgia Infantry, C.S.A., Army of Northern Virginia. Dr. White served as Assistant Surgeon in the U.S. Navy during the Mexican War


(2011) Enlarge  Lucius James Lamar (Cadet, Co. B, GA. Military Institute) (May 10, 1847-June 11, 1924) enlisted in the GMI cadet corps June 15, 1864 at the age of 17. Five months later he was defending Milledgeville, with two companies of cadets and some prisoners released from the Milledgeville State Penitentiary, against the army of General Sherman. Because of overwhelming odds, the cadets retreated from Milledgeville without offering resistance


(2011) Enlarge Jacob M. Caraker (Co.. H, 4th GA, Baldwin Blues) (February 11, 1838-November 2, 1907) Elected Captain of the Baldwin Blues May 9, 1861. Before the war he was captain of the guard at the state penitentiary in Milledgeville. Severely wounded at the battle of Sharpsburg on September 17, 1862, he resigned February


(2011) Enlarge James W. Herty (August 14, 1838-December 20, 1876 - gravestone is incorrect) After graduation from the University of New York, James Herty joined the United States Navy as an assistant surgeon. He was assigned to the USS San Jacinto patrolling off the African coast. Returning from African waters, the San Jacinto intercepted the British ship HMS Trent carrying Confederate diplomats to England. After returning to port in Boston in November 1861, Herty resigned from the US Navy and stated his desire to join the Confederacy. He was exchanged for a U.S. physician held by the Confederacy. Herty was assigned to the CSS Richmond and then the Rappahannock. He is the only veteran in Memory Hill who honorably served both the Confederacy and the United States during the Civil War


(2011) Enlarge Dr. Andrew J. Foard (died March 18, 1868) This tombstone, erected in 1896, misspells the name. "Foard" is correct. Dr. Foard was the Medical Director of the Army of Tennessee. In February 1865 he was promoted to Medical Inspector of the armies and hospitals in the States of Georgia, Florida, Alabama and Mississippi. After the war he was a professor at the Washington Medical College in Baltimore


(2011) Enlarge Carlos Wilson (1843-Oct 8,1906) was a bugler in Company F, 2nd Michigan Cavalry in the Union army. Like the other Union veterans buried here, he came to Milledgeville after the Civil War. Here he became an inventor, patenting a Cotton Seed Planter and Guano Distributing Machine

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