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Photos this page courtesy of Mike Stroud, Bluffton, SC

(2011) Enlarge Memory Hill Cemetery. General George Doles (4th GA Vol. Infantry, Baldwin Blues) (May 14, 1830-June 2, 1864) This “diamond blue granite” monument was unveiled July 25, 1894 at the annual reunion of the 4th GA Regiment. Doles served gallantly in battles in Virginia. At Spotsylvania, in 1864, his brigade suffered very high casualties. Doles was criticized for his actions by some newspapers. At the battle of Cold Harbor, perhaps thinking of the criticism, he exposed himself excessively to enemy fire. He was shot through the chest and died the following day


(2011) Enlarge "Our Unknown Confederate Dead"
The Soldiers’ Monument was erected in 1868. It is one of the first such Confederate monuments in Georgia. It was erected to commemorate Confederate dead in general and, more specifically, to mark the graves of unknown Confederate soldiers buried here who had died in Brown Hospital in Milledgeville in 1864

(2011) Enlarge Soldiers’ Monument

(2011) Enlarge William A. Choice C.S.A. Rome Light Guards (died August 15, 1879) was one of Atlanta's finest amateur actors of the 1850s. He also drank heavily. Unprovoked he shot and killed a man in Atlanta. His only defense was insanity. His performance during the trial won him an acquittal but confinement to the Asylum in Milledgeville


(2011) Enlarge The Unknown Soldiers of Brown Hospital
These Confederate soldiers, all serving in the Georgia Militia, died at Brown Hospital in Milledgeville and were buried at this location. Their names soon became lost, and they were considered Unknown Soldiers until 2003 when their identities were discovered.

Marion Adkinson, Pvt., Co. F, 5th Regt., August 23, 1864. James T. Buckner, Pvt., Co. F, 9th Regt., August 31, 1864. Hugh Cannell, Pvt., Co. E, 12th Regt., September 3, 1864. Elisha B. Cape, Pvt., Co. A, 5th Regt., August 29, 1864. Edward M. Clark, Pvt., Co. F, 1st Bn., September 1, 1864. Ringold Commander, Pvt., Co. B, G.M.I. Cadet, August 27, 1864. J.R. Ellis, Pvt., Co. B, 2nd Bn., August 4, 1864. William Fussell, Pvt., Co. B, 2nd Regt., August 29, 1864. James M. Green, Pvt., Co. F, 9th Regt., August 31, 1864. Willis Harrell, Pvt., Co. I, 2nd Regt., September 7, 1864. J.M. Hutcherson, Pvt., Co. K, 6th Regt., August 24, 1864. William E. Joyner, Pvt., Co. F, 8th Regt., September 7, 1864. Thomas Judge, Pvt., Co. G, 2nd Regt., August 24, 1864. John Meadors, Pvt., Co. D, 1st Regt., July 28, 1864. Roland Mercer, Pvt., Co. F, 7th Regt., September 10, 1864. Owen Ramsey, Pvt., Co. I, 5th Regt., August 16, 1864. Aaron Rogers, Pvt., Co. C, 2nd Regt., August 22, 1864. William Tapley, Pvt., Co. H, 2nd Regt., September 3, 1864. Reddick Thorton, Pvt., Co. I, 11th Regt., August 27, 1864. William Tillory, Pvt., Co. D, 1st Regt., September 12, 1864. Green B. Turner, Pvt., Co. F, 6th Regt., August 18, 1864. J.M. Winn, Pvt., Co. F, 2nd Regt., August 2, 1864. Mordical W. Wood, Pvt., Co. I, 1st Regt., August 23, 1864. James, J. Wren, Pvt., Co. G, 2nd Regt., September 8, 1864.

The following Confederate soldiers died at Stout Hospital in Midway, Ga. They are buried at Midway Cemetery in unmarked graves.

William Etheridge, Pvt., Co. K, 57th Georgia, August 1, 1864. Frank Marion Herndon, Pvt., Phelan's Battery, September 17, 1864. Frank Washington Legare, Pvt., Co. E, 5th Georgia Militia, September 27, 1864. John Lemmons, Pvt., Co. H, 24th South Carolina, March 13, 1865. Henry Walker, Pvt., Co. E, 1st & 4th Missouri, July 30, 1864.


(2011) Enlarge Monument on right. Jesse Sanford Beall (Co. K 51st GA), (October 18, 1840-Nov. 30, 1863) was Captain of the “Albany Greys” in Semms’ Brigade. He fought through the Virginia campaigns under General Lee and was wounded at Chancellorsville. At Chickamauga, while leading his company in an assault, he fell mortally wounded. He was buried on the field. His remains were reburied here in March 1866. His monument is a broken column symbolizing his life was cut short and a wreath of oak leaves symbolizing his military strength
Monument reads: Capt: Beall Commanded the "Albany Greys' of the 51st Regiment Geo: Volunteers, Semms' Brigade: He fought through the Virginia Campaigns under Gen Lee wounded at Chancellorsville- was at the Battle of Chickamauga- and while gallantly leading his company to an assault upon one of the forts in front of Knoxville, fell mortally wounded on the 29th- and died on the 30th November 1863, he was buried on the field with military Honors- and his remains now rest beneath this monument erected to his memory by his father

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