McNeel's Plantation
Brazoria County, Texas

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(July 2008) Enlarge Entrance to McNeel's Plantation

McNeel's Plantation is in private hands and the grounds are not open to the public, but with this view taken on July 21, 2008, it is easy to imagine why Confederate cavalry units stayed here. Private David Cook of Likens' 35th Texas Cavalry wrote to his wife from here that he could see people planting crops and it made him long for home

(July 2008) Enlarge Texas Historical Commission Marker and Entrance

McNeel's plantation is located on Texas Route #36 in Brazoria County near the intersection of Weldon Road. It is an easy place to pull of the road and read the marker near the village of Jones Creek.

Not mentioned, but very important from December of 1863 to March 1864 this was the headquarters of Confederate Major General John Bankhead Magruder. Wilke's Texas Battery, Waul's Texas Legion, and Likens' 35th Texas Cavalry were stationed here, as well as numerous other Confederate units during The War Between The States



(July 2008) Enlarge McNeel's Plantation Historical Marker
Although the sign is titled Ellerslie Plantation, this was known as McNeel's Plantation during the Civil War Era


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