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1. Touched and Torched by the Civil War - Fayetteville
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4. Fayetteville NC - Fayetteville Market House

5. Fayetteville Arsenal - Wikipedia

(July 2008) Enlarge The Market House. In March 1865, Gen. William T. Sherman and his 60,000-man army moved into Fayetteville. The Confederate arsenal was totally destroyed. Sherman's troops also destroyed foundries and cotton factories and the offices of The Fayetteville Observer. Not far from Fayetteville, Confederate and Union troops engaged in the last cavalry battle of the Civil War, the Battle of Monroe's Crossroads. Downtown Fayetteville was the site of a skirmish, as Confederate Lt. Gen. Wade Hampton and his men surprised a cavalry patrol, killing 11 Union soldiers and capturing a dozen on March 11, 1865

(July 2008) Enlarge The Market House



(July 2008) Old Town Hall

(July 2008) Detail Fayetteville Arsenal. Prior to Sherman's arrival many Southern women worked at the Fayetteville Arsenal, turning out the .58 caliber lead ball cartridges called "minnies" as well as rockets and shells. Approximately 900,000 rounds of small arms munitions were manufactured at the Fayetteville Arsenal over a seven-month period in 1864. Much of the arsenal's machinery was manufactured at Harper's Ferry prior to the war.


(July 2008) Enlarge Fayetteville Arsenal


(July 2008) Fayetteville Arsenal

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