Dr. Oliver Bundy, Surgeon (144th NYVI)

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Dr. Oliver Bundy was born on March 3, 1837 in Windsor, New York. He attended Windsor Academy and Binghamton High School before graduating from Philadelphia Medical College in 1860. In 1862 he was commissioned Asst. Surgeon in the 144th NYVI. Bundy was put in charge of a hospital boat at Marine Hospital, Newport Virginia. He was chief medical officer of the District of Florida for 8 months. At the close of the war he was put in charge of 3300 prisoners released from Andersonville Prison, Georgia. He testified before a congressional committee investigating treatment of Union soldiers. Bundy was mustered out at Elmira, New York on July 25, 1865, returning to Deposit to resume his medical practice. Also in 1865 he married his first wife, Helen Dean (she died in 1875). He married his second wife Emily Clark in 1877, she died in 1922. He was the coroner of Delaware County for 24 years. He was active in municipal, educational and religious interests in the community. In 1888 he was instrumental in organizing support for the Deposit Union Monument. Dr. Bundy died in August of 1908, and was buried in his family plot at the Laurel Hill Cemetery overlooking then village of Deposit.


(October 2008) Enlarge 1862 photo of Dr. Bundy (notice bottom of photo). Taken at Brady's Washington studio


(October 2008) Enlarge Variety of Civil War artifacts, some belonging to Dr. Bundy. Exhibit is in the Depot Museum next door to the Bundy House in Deposit, NY


(October 2008) Enlarge Photo of an older Bundy


(October 2008) Enlarge Dr. Bundy's home, Deposit, NY. Resided here from 1865 until his death in 1908. House is under renovations


(October 2008) Enlarge Dr. Bundy was buried in his family plot in Laurel Hill Cemetery, Deposit, New York


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