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(2011Enlarge Montgomery Cunningham Meigs. Brigadier General, Brevet Major General, U.S. Army. Quartermaster General 1861 -1882. Soldier, Engineer, Architect, Scientist, Patriot. Born 1816 - Died 1892
Recommended that the historic Custis Mansion in Arlington, Virginia, owned by Mary Anna Custis Lee, the wife of Robert E. Lee, be used as a military burial ground. Based on this recommendation, Arlington National Cemetery was created in 1864

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(2011Enlarge McClellan Gate. Following the establishment of Arlington National Cemetery in 1864, the grounds were enclosed. Several gates provided pedestrian and vehicular access. The main entrance to the cemetery was located where the McClellan Arch currently towers 30 feet above the roadway

McClellan Gate, completed 1879. Original gate to Arlington National Cemetery

Atop the arch facing east, Meigs inscribed in gold the name McClellan. Below that is the phrase:
"On fame's eternal camping ground
their silent tents are spread,
And glory guards with solemn round,
the bivouac of the dead"

The west face of the arch is inscribed with the words:
"Rest on embalmed and sainted dead,
dear as the blood ye gave,
no impious footsteps here shall tread
on the herbage of your grave"

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(8-5-2001) Grave of Gen. James Ricketts who commanded the 2nd Division, 1st Corps at Antietam
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(8-5-2001) Unique memorial to John Rogers Meigs, only son of Gen. Montgomery C. Meigs, Quartermaster General of the Union Army. The younger Meigs was killed in battle near Dayton, VA in 1864. The elder Meigs is buried nearby
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(8-5-2001) A regimental  marker for the 2nd  Connecticut Heavy Artillery mixed  in  with  the  graves of Arlington. The 2nd CT was stationed here as part of the defenses of Washington
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(8-5-2001) Grave of George Washington Parke Custis, step grandson of George Washington Curtis built Arlington house to honor his adopted grandfather
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