Washington D.C.

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1. Don Worth, UCLA
2. John Scott, TX
3. George Petropol, VA
4. William Bozic, TX
5. Mike Stroud, SC
6. Craig Swain, VA
7. Shane Higgins, AL


Washington DC 2006 by Richard Edling, Philadelphia, PA

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3. Ford's Theater
4. Ford's Theatre National Historic Site (NPS)
5. Fort Foote Park (NPS)
6. National Gallery of Art
7. Oak Hill Cemetery, Georgetown, Washington D.C.
8. Peterson House
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Sherman Memorial
Washington Monument
Washington Navy Yard
White House
Winfield Scott Hancock Monument
Photos this page courtesy of Don Worth, UCLA    
(8-4-2001) Ford's Theater
More photos of Ford's Theater courtesy of George Petropol

(8-4-2001) Ford's Theater. The interior has been reconstructed to look as it did in April 14, 1865. Here is the box where President Lincoln sat that fateful night


(8-4-2001) Ford's Theater Museum. Downstairs is a wonderful museum. This is the gun that Booth used to shoot Lincoln - a .44 caliber single-shot percussion pistol manufactured by Henry Derringer of Philadelphia

(8-4-2001) Ford's Theater Museum. When Booth leaped to the stage his spur caught on a flag decorating the President's box. This Treasury Guards regimental flag is thought to be the one. Note tear at right

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