Tuscumbia, Alabama

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(7-01) St. John's Episcopal Church, 3rd and Dickson. Site Marker: This congregations was organized in the 1830's, with services being held in private homes and the Methodist meeting house. The present building was first used in October 1852 and completed the following year. During the Civil War, Union troops occupied the church and destroyed some of the parish records. St. John's is an early example of the "carpenter's Gothic style popular for many Episcopal churches during the mid-19th century. Damaged by a tornado in 1874, the church afterward was refurbished and strengthened with iron tie-rods spanning the nave. Memorial windows also were installed. Concrete buttresses were added in 1956. A tall spire originally topped the bell tower

(7-01) Locust Hill, 209 S. Cave St. Headquarters of Col. Florence N. Cornyn in 1863. Was damaged during Federal occupancy


(7-01) Ivy Green, 300 W. North Commons. Site Marker: The family home of Captain Arthur M. (CSA) & Kate Adams Keller. Was built in 1820, being the second house erected in Tuscumbia. Here on June 27, 1880 was born America's first lady of courage, Helen Adams Keller

(7-01) Ivy Green. Kitchen and cooks quarters

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