Spring Hill, Tennessee Page4
Photos this page courtesy of Brian Risher, MS

(5-03) Caldwell family cemetery
Marker: Caldwell House - Nathan Bedford Forrest's Headquarters

(5-03) Enlarge Marker: Confederate attacks at Spring Hill, November 29, 1864


(5-03) Enlarge Civil War Preservation Trust marker for the Spring Hill Battlefield

(5-03) Confederate attacks at Spring Hill. The view is looking southeast toward the Rally Hill Pike, which is in the background running across the picture. The modern Saturn Parkway, which travels over the Rally Hill Pike can be seen in the far right background
Marker: Forrest's 3 p.m. Cavalry Attack
Marker: Confederate Deployment - 4:00 p.m., November 29, 1864

Panorama: View of the battlefield of Spring Hill looking toward the Federal position
Panorama: Close-up of the hill in the previous pan
Panorama: Looking toward the Federal Position
Panorama: Looking toward the Confederate advance

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