Springfield, Illinois

Photos courtesy of Webmaster, EDJ, Alaska, Nick Luck, MI &
Tom Johnston, Warrenville, IL

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Camp Butler   2   3
Illinois Executive Mansion
Lincoln Church
Lincoln Depot   2
Lincoln Home   2
Lincoln Law Office   2   3   4
Lincoln Tombs   2   3
Old State Capitol   2   3
1. Camp Butler
2. Camp Butler National Cemetery: Wikipedia
3. Illinois Executive Mansion
4. Lincoln's Church: The Presbyterian Church, Springfield, IL
5. The Lincoln Family Church
6. Lincoln Depot
7. Lincoln Home: National Park Service
8. Lincoln-Herndon Law Offices
9. Lincoln Tomb
10. Old State Capitol
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(7-05) Enlarge Lincoln's final resting place. Oakridge Cemetery, Springfield
Illinois Historic Preservation Agency - Lincoln Tomb


(7-05) Lincoln's final resting place

(Yr Unk) Enlarge Lincoln's final resting place
Courtesy of Nick Luck, MI
  (7-05) Detail Lincoln's final resting place
(7-05) Lincoln's final resting place   (7-05) Detail Lincoln's final resting place

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