Port Republic Battlefield, Virginia

Photos/text courtesy of Robert Yates and Lee Hohenstein, NE
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Photos this page courtesy of Robert Yates    

(May 2003) Looking from the Union center to the Union right, from approximate position of the 7th Ohio

(May 2003) Looking toward the axis of the Confederate advance (Stonewall and Taylor's (Louisiana) Brigades)


(May 2003) Site of the wartime Lewiston House on "The Coaling," replaced by the present-day structure

(May 2003) Enlarge Interpretive marker noting the Federal artillery position on the "Coaling" hill where trees had been cut for the production of charcoal before the war

(May 2003) Enlarge Port Republic battlefield marker  

(May 2003) Looking north, direction of Shield's retreat. Position of 29th Ohio

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