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Ironton Gap, view looking southeast from Fort Davidson. This is the gap between Pilot Knob and Sheppard Mountain that the Confederates swarmed through, and which the Federals tried to defend on the morning of September 27th, later retreating into the fort

South wall of Fort Davidson, view looking southwest. The dry moat is to the left. The view is looking toward the area where the Confederate attack was repulsed. The parapet originally had a rifle step along the inside of the wall. A barbette is in the foreground
Panorama: Fort Davidson


The Crater, view looking north. The Crater marks the position of the powder magazine, which was blown up at approximately 3 am by General Ewing's troops before their miraculous escape. Cedar Mountain in left background, and Rock Mountain on the right

South wall of Fort Davidson, view looking north. Here Brig. Gen. Cabells Confederates attacked the fort and were driven back to Stouts Creek

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