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Photos this page courtesy of Dale Cox  

(2004) This is a view of the land or east face of Fort Pickens, taken from the northeast bastion looking south to the Gulf. Although primarily designed to defend Pensacola Bay against a naval attack, Fort Pickens was extremely strong in its landward defenses. Surrounded by a 10 foot dry moat and further protected by a counterscarp, the fort was so strong that Confederate forces never attempted a direct assault on the walls

(2004) This is a view looking across the parade ground to the casemates along the northwest front of the fort. The black structure on the left is Battery Pensacola, a concrete installation constructed in the middle of the fort in 1898. Notice how the right end of the far wall has been destroyed. This was not a result of battle damage, but instead was caused by an 1899 magazine explosion the blew Bastion D completely away. Bricks landed across the bay at Fort Barrancas, more than one and one-half miles away

(2004) This is another view of the casemates of the fort

(2004) This is a view along the northwest face of the fort. The guns mounted here were heavily engaged in the October 1861 Battle of Pensacola Bay when Fort Pickens exchanged fire with Confederate forces on the mainland. Guns along this wall inflicted heavily damage on Fort McRee, located across the harbor entrance on Foster's Bank. McRee was destroyed in the battle and has since washed into the bay


(2004) This is a 15-inch Rodman on top of the Tower Bastion, the western point of the five-sided fort. The gun was not installed until 1868, but guns were mounted here during the Civil War


(2004) This is a view from the Tower Bastion looking down the southwest face of the fort. The damage here did not result from the war. When Battery Pensacola was constructed on the parade ground of the fort in 1898, the army lowered the top of this part of the fort to create a clear field of fire for the new installation

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