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(5-1984) Petersburg National Battlefield Tour Stop-2: Confederate Battery 8
Captured by black U.S. troops, this battery was renamed Fort Friend for the Friend House located nearby. The fort was refaced and served as a supporting artillery position for the duration of the siege, most notably during the Battle of Fort Stedman

(5-1984) Petersburg National Battlefield Tour Stop-5: Fort Stedman Trail (Colquitt's Salient)
Colquitt's Salient, a bulge in the Confederate line located near Fort Stedman. The artillery piece is a Confederate-manufactured 12-lb Napoleon. The Confederate Napoleon can be easily identified by the lack of the familiar muzzle "flair" found on Napoleons forged in the North


(2013) Enlarge Colquitt's Salient
There are plenty of trees here now but during the siege of Petersburg, there would not have been a single tree. To the right of the photograph and out of view is Blandford Cemetery

(2013) Enlarge The Colquitt marker is located in the area of the CSA Colquitt Salient

William Bozic photos


(2013) Enlarge CSA Cannon Pointing at Fort Stedman
Although it may seem distant in the photograph, the distance between Union Fort Stedman and Confederate Colquitt's Salient is rather close. The photograph taken on July 5, 2013 shows the direction from the barrel of a Confederate cannon pointing towards Fort Stedman. Due to the close proximity and relatively flat terrain both sides attempted infantry assaults on each other across this ground. It was the scene of heavy artillery fire and a no man's land similar to what one might expect in World War I trenches
William Bozic photo



(5-1984) Petersburg National Battlefield Tour Stop-5: Fort Stedman
The exterior of Ft. Stedman, scene of the abortive breakout attempt by Lt. Gen. John B. Gordon, CSA on March 25, 1865. The plan was to breach the Union siege lines, take a secondary line of fortifications and drive to City Point, and to eventually link Lee's army with the army of Joe Johnson. Although Ft. Stedman and adjacent fortifications were taken, the secondary line of forts could not be located, and the Confederates were forced to return to their original lines

(5-1984) Petersburg National Battlefield Tour Stop-5: Fort Stedman
The interior of Ft. Stedman taken on a late Spring afternoon in May, 1984

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