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(7-2006) Petersburg National Battlefield Tour Stop-1: Battery 5 Trail (The Dictator)
13" Seacoast Mortar similar to the Dictator. My two son's, Garrett and Micah in the photo. Micah, on the right is 6' tall. You can see that this seacoast mortar is huge
Interpretive Marker: Dictator
Wartime view of the Dictator

(7-2006) Petersburg National Battlefield Tour Stop-2: Confederate Battery 8
Captured by black U.S. troops, this battery was renamed Fort Friend for the Friend House located nearby. The fort was refaced and served as a supporting artillery position for the duration of the siege, most notably during the Battle of Fort Stedman
Interpretive Marker: Battery 8 of the Dimmock Line



(7-2006) Petersburg National Battlefield Tour Stop-2: Confederate Battery 8

(7-2006) Petersburg National Battlefield Tour Stop-3: Confederate Battery 9
Black U.S. troops of Hink's Division captured this position during the first day's fighting. The winter quarters of the Union 9th Corps were in the surrounding area. This site also features examples of siege fortifications and related structures. A trail leads to a wayside on Meade Station, an important supply and hospital depot on the U.S. Military Railroad built during the siege. It is a 10-minute walk
Interpretive Marker: Infantry Earthworks

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