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(6-2006) Spotsylvania Confederate Cemetery
This photo was taken on July 25, 2006 towards the back of the Spotsylvania Confederate Cemetery. Graves are arranged by state and this photo show the tiny Texas section. Most of the graves had small flags of the CSA and respective states. Torrential rains had pasted most of the flags, but the Texas section is located under a tree, so the flags were better protected from the sheets of rain. States like North Carolina, Virginia, Georgia had quite large portions of the cemetery. Of course many graves are unknowns, but a surprising number have names. There were also a number of modern graves in the cemetery (See photo)
Photo/text by William Bozic, TX


(6-2006) Detail Wilderness Battlefield
The James S. Wadsworth   Monument at The Wilderness Battlefield near the intersection of NPS Hill-Ewell Drive and the Orange Plank Road (Route #621). This monument is just off the shoulder of the road. The entrance and exit to a very large housing development is within a few tens of yards, so traffic on the one lane road is heavy and surprisingly fast

Photo/text by William Bozic, TX


(7-2006) Guinea Station
Interpretive Marker: Guinea Station (1864)

Photo by Webmaster


(4-2006) Spotsylvania Courthouse
Photo by Robert Yates, VA

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