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(1984) Spotsylvania Courthouse Battlefield
Monument to the 15th New Jersey Volunteers, located at the Bloody Angle
Photo/text by Ed Conner, TN


(April 2013) Enlarge 15th New Jersey Volunteers Monument
Photo by George Petropol, Manassas, VA


(1984) Spotsylvania Courthouse Battlefield
he foundation (all that remains) of the McCoull House; it was in this location that Lee was establishing a new line of defense after the Mule Shoe was breached. The painting depicts a "Lee To The Rear!" episode that took place here. The McCoull House is on the right in the painting

Photo/text by Ed Conner, TN
Marker (May 2013) courtesy of Walter Kasperczyk, NY
Information Marker: Lee to the Rear!


(1984) Spotsylvania Courthouse Battlefield
A pair of 10-pounder Parrott rifles located at Lee's second defense line behind the Mule Shoe Salient

Photo/text by Ed Conner, TN


(6-2006) Enlarge Spotsylvania Confederate Cemetery
This photo was taken between downpours on June 25, 2006. The Monument is in the center of the Confederate Cemetery at Spotsylvania. A sign at the narrow opening on Route #208 (AKA Courthouse Road) indicates the Confederate Cemetery. the cemetery was established in 1866 and contains about 570 Confederate soldiers who are buried by state. I could not help but notice a number of modern graves in the cemetery, too

Photo by William Bozic, TX


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