Battle of Marks' Mill, Arkansas

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1. Marks' Mills State Park historic Civil War site on route of Red River Campaign in South Ark.
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5. Arkansas Civil War Battle Marks' Mills American Civil War


(3-99) Marks' Mill Historic Battlefield Site, junction of SH-8 and SH-97, 8 miles east of Fordyce, Arkansas
Site Marker: The Battle of Marks' Mill, fought here on April 25, 1864, was a complete Confederate victory. General James F. Fagan's division of Confederate Calvary surprised and captured a Union supply train of 2000 men and 240 wagonloads of supplies. General Powell Clayton, Union commander, narrowly escaped capture by flight with small detachment

(3-99) Southeast view across intersection of SH-8 and SH-97 (left)


(3-99) Marker Marks' Mill Cemetery Park, SH-97, 1/4 mile north of historic battlefield site and east on county road

(3-99) Marks's Mill Cemetery Park. Old Camden-Pine Bluff Road, east view

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