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Battle of Mine Creek (Creek Bed 2) Hundreds of Confederate soldiers and mounts attempted to escape the Federal onslaught by crossing Mine Creek which quickly became jammed with those desperately trying to flee. The ground leading to the creek was littered with dead or wounded soldiers, horses, arms and equipment. Without any hope of escape many Confederate troops were captured and taken prisoner including General Marmaduke and Brig. General Cabell


Battle of Mine Creek (Fort Scott Road) The main thoroughfare through the battlefield was Fort Scott Road. Around the battlefield, the road divided into three branches, each allowing passage over the creek’s varying water levels


Battle of Mine Creek (Looking North) With Mine Creek at your back, you can imagine this scene filled with Union cavalry and thousands of Confederate soldiers fighting to hold off their pursuers while their army attempts a desperate retreat.

Later, realizing that his huge supply train might become his downfall, Price ordered about half of it destroyed. Following the battle, Union forces continue their pursuit and again attack Price’s retreating army at Newtonia, MO. Price abandons his plan of attacking Fort Scott and is scarcely heard of again. Mine Creek proved to be the last major engagement of the War in the West



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