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Battle of Mine Creek (Map) Enlarge The map pictured here shows Confederate forces arrayed on the north side of Mine Creek in a line approximately 1 mile long. Union forces under General Alfred Pleasonton, approach the numerically superior Confederate forces. Union Lt. Colonel Frederick Benteen (of Custer’s Little Big Horn fame) and Colonel John Phillips prepare for the ensuing attack. Fort Scott Road leads south from the battlefield


Battle of Mine Creek (Battlefield 1) Looking south from the visitor center. Much of Price’s supply train had already crossed the creek leaving behind a muddy, slippery bank. Benteen recognizes the Confederates desperate situation and decides to attack. Although outnumbered, the Union troops carried superior arms including carbines and pistols. The furious Union cavalry charge of about 2,500, one of the largest of the Civil War, shatters the Confederate rear guard which fights desperately but eventually retreats in confusion toward the creek


Battle of Mine Creek (Battlefield 2) Slowed by supply wagons, equipment, livestock, refugees and a full stream, Price’s retreating army narrowly escapes complete destruction at Mine Creek. The main engagement lasted only an hour or so and by the time it was over the Union cavalry had killed or captured nearly 1,000 Confederate soldiers and commandeered most of their artillery


Battle of Mine Creek (Creek Bed 1) Although dry at the time of these photos, one can imagine the difficult obstacle this steep-banked creek would present when running full. The slippery banks caused horses to fall back into the river crushing or drowning their riders. Men were trampled by the fleeing army and the creek soon filled with dead men and horses. One can easily understand why, in years following the battle, Confederates referred to the engagement as the Mine Creek Disaster

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