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The Lawrence Raid
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House Building (Marker)


Lawrence Marker The raiders then turned their attention to other targets in the town including James Lane, a prominent figure in anti-slavery activities. Although Lane escaped, the marker shown here is where four prominent citizens were killed by the raiders. “Here Griswold, Baker, Thorp and Trask were shot August 21, 1863”


Lawrence House This Lawrence house was allegedly saved from destruction when the landlady, pleading with the raiders, managed to convince them to spare the dwelling. Her son was hiding in the cupola at the time. By 9:00 A.M., after the four hour reign of murder, looting and ransacking, the raiding party fled south out of town. Federal forces in the area failed to organize an effective pursuit and the guerilla band escaped

In the years since the bloody raid of 1863, Lawrence has grown and prospered into a leading business and education center, home of the University of Kansas, founded in 1866. Home of the Jayhawks, the university and the city keep the historic freedom fighter spirit of the community alive

On May 10, 1865, about one month after Lee’s surrender at Appomatox, Quantrill and several guerillas were surprised by a small Federal force in a barn near Taylorsville, Kentucky while waiting out a rainstorm. Several of the party were killed and Quantrill was shot twice and captured. About one month later, on June 6, 1865 at the age of 27, Quantrill died of his wounds at the military prison in Louisville, KY



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