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Bleeding Kansas
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Constitution Hall (Land Office) The building also served as a Federal Land Office where settlers to the new territory filed claims


Constitution Hall (Land Office)


Territorial Capitol Museum Construction on another Lecompton building associated with the territory’s beginning was begun in 1856. This was to be the permanent capitol of Kansas Territory but was later finished on a much smaller scale when it was determined Lecompton would not become the capital city. The building would serve for a time as the home of Lane University and, in 1982, became the Territorial Capitol Museum


Democratic Headquarters Additional Information This stone building was the headquarters of the Democratic Party during the Kansas Territorial period 1856-1861. The cabin was used during a time when Lecompton, known as “The Birthplace of the Kansas Democratic Party” was the territorial capital and stood at the center of national attention. Within these walls ambitious and influential men gathered to discuss issues, plot strategies, and make decisions that helped shape the destiny of Kansas politics and government

Originally the structure was attached to a log cabin which has since disappeared

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