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(2012) Enlarge Site of the Confederate hospital south of Leola, Arkansas that served Jenkins' Ferry wounded. (You have a picture already posted of the building that burned in 1967.) Local people called it the Cannonball house because it was hit by a cannon shell before the soldiers got into the river bottoms and caught by the Confederates. I would say it was located about 3 to 5 miles south of where most of the fighting occurred


Union Gen. Samuel Allen Rice, wounded in the right ankle taking part of his spur into his foot. Gen. Steele reported in his letter to superiors that his foot was amputated. He was among the wounded sent in the ambulances from the old stagecoach road north of Jenkins' Ferry to the east with the hospital train to Pine Bluff about 25 miles to the east. They passed in front of my great grandmother Ann Anderson and her parents' home Isaac and Julia Anderson west of Crossroads on the way to Pine Bluff
Gen. Rice made it home to Iowa in May but died of his wounds on July 6, 1864. I was able to contact his great grandson, a retired veterinarian in Iowa. Gen. Rice had been the attorney general of Iowa, was not militarily trained but the Governor of Iowa asked him to raise a regiment and he did. He was 38 years old when wounded. Rice's men thought highly of him and paid for his 30 foot tall marker at the cemetery in Oskaloosa, Iowa. The eagle at the top looks to the south where he spilled his blood


(2012) Enlarge Dry bed of Cox Creek near the battlefield


(2012) Enlarge Road cut at the Jenkins' Ferry crossing on the east side of the Saline River
During the battle in 1864 this side was Saline County, the opposite bank was in Hot Spring County. The importance of this picture is that the pontoon bridge, if using the stagecoach road as the guide, would have been placed here. The 34 wagons that carried the India rubber pontoon bridge were burned at the park and the bridge was punctured with bayonets and moved downriver


(2013) Enlarge Guesses Creek
As the Union Army arrived at Guesses Creek at 12:00 Noon on Friday, April 29, 1864, they set up cannon on the north ridge to protect their wagon train as it moved toward the Saline River bottoms. When the Confederates arrived, they shot cannon from the south ridge and hit a house near the north ridge. This Cannonball House would have a hole in it, and serve as one of many hospital buildings after the battle. The house lasted until 1967 when it burned. Today this location is just over the line into Dallas County, about 2 miles south of Leola, which is in extreme southwestern Grant County


(2013) Enlarge Cox Creek near location of Confederate cannon captured by the 2nd Kansas Colored Troops

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