Greenwood, Mississippi

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Fort Pemberton:
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Fort Pemberton:


(8-2000) Salem Cemetery, Carroll County, Mississippi. H. S. O'Neal, Co. I, 36th Miss Inf, CSA. Great Grandfather of Greenwood area resident, Mike O'Neal
Mike O'Neal photo

(3-2000) Confederate Monument. LeFlore County Court House, Greenwood, MS


(July 2013) Enlarge Confederate Monument
Steven Hippensteel photo


(July 2013) Enlarge Historical Marker in the Cotton Row Section
Steven Hippensteel photo

(3-2000) Confederate Memorial Building, Greenwood, MS. One of only two Confederate Memorial Buildings in the United States

(7-2000) The Yalobusha and Tallahatchie rivers meet here and form the Yazoo River. Greenwood Leflore, the Choctaw Indian Chief who sold his people up the river in the Treaty of Dancing Rabbit Creek, owned a trading post near by
Mike O'Neal photo

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