Fort Gaines, Alabama

Photos/text this page courtesy of Joel Manuel, Baton Rouge, LA
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1. Joel Manuel, Baton Rouge, LA
2. Kenny Myers, Slidell, LA
3. Mike Stroud, Bluffton, SC
4. Richard Edling, Philadelphia, PA
5. Steven Hippensteel, AL

Fort Gaines: February 2011
Courtesy of Steven Hippensteel

Bay Area Map
Damn the Torpedoes (pdf)

Fort Morgan

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(June 3, 2008) Enlarge Marker

(June 3, 2008) Enlarge Main entrance

(June 3, 2008) Enlarge Commandant's Office (left) and Guardhouse (right), which now house the restrooms and gift shop, respectively

(June 3, 2008) Enlarge South gun ramp
(June 3, 2008) Enlarge Magazine beneath Southwest Bastion   (June 3, 2008) Enlarge Kitchen courtyard

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