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Advanced Redoubt

he Advanced Redoubt protected the rear land approach to the Pensacola Navy Yard. The redoubt was designed by Joseph Totten, chief engineer for defense construction in Pensacola. Construction began in 1845 and continued to1859. The fort saw very little action during the War Between the States. It was occupied by the Confederate army from January, 1861 until their withdrawal in May, 1862. It was then occupied by Union forces for the remainder of the conflict. The redoubt was attacked in 1863 by Alabama cavalry.


(1985-89) The Advance Redoubt from the air

(1985-89) View of the ditch (dry moat) between the scarp and counterscarp


(1985-89) Draw bridge leading into the Sally Port

(1985-89) The view is looking toward the scarp (inner wall) and parapet of the Glacis

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