Fort Smith, Arkansas

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12-pdr Napoleon   2
Barracks   2   3
Commissary Storehouse   2   3

Courthouse   2   3
Jail   2   3
National Cemetery   2
Parade Ground   2   3
Second Fort Smith
Visitor Center

First Fort Smith was established in 1817 and abandoned in 1824. During the Civil War Second Fort Smith was first garrisoned by Confederate and then Union troops.  Fort Smith was abandoned in 1871


(3-99) Barracks-Courthouse-Jail. The first barracks on this site was completed in 1846 and burned 3 years later. It was rebuilt and remained in use until the army left Fort Smith in 1871. In 1872 the Federal Court for the Western District of Arkansas moved into the building. Judge Isaac C. Parker presided over court cases in the building from 1875 to 1896
Panorama from approximate camera position above


(3-99) Cistern. Commissary storehouse in background

Marker: This cistern was the primary water supply for the Second Fort Smith. Rain water was channeled into the cistern from the roofs of the adjacent Officers Quarters buildings. Commissary Storehouse (1846) in the background

(3-99) Fort Smith Visitor Center. Second Fort Smith 

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