Battle of Fayetteville, Arkansas

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1. The Battle of Fayetteville:
2. Arkansas in the Civil War: The Battle of Fayetteville
3. Action at Fayetteville - Encyclopedia of Arkansas
4. Washington County, AR

(4-99) Headquarters House, 118 E. Dixon

Site Marker: Headquarters House... This house, built by Jonas M. Tebbetts about 1858, was used as headquarters by the Federal troops during the battle of Fayetteville on April 18, 1863. Two doors still bear scars of the battle -- panels splintered by minie balls. Confederate cavalry charged down from East Mountain, led by General W. L. Cabell. The Federal commander was Colonel M. LaRue Harrison of the First Arkansas Cavalry USA. Most of the casualties occurred on the campus of old Arkansas College, directly across the street. This marker was placed here on the 100th anniversary of the battle by the Washington County Historical Society


(4-99) South view toward the old Arkansas College campus

(4-99) Buildings behind Headquarters House

(11-03) Fayetteville Confederate Cemetery. The monument and flag pole is located near the grave of General Slack. The cemetery is maintained by the Southern Memorial Association
Photo courtesy of Greg Moore

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