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Photos/text this page courtesy of George Petropol, Manassas, VA

(1-2009) Enlarge  Oak Hill Cemetery, Georgetown
William Carroll. This is the tomb Abe Lincoln had his son, Willie placed in after the boys untimely death to typhoid. The Carroll's were family friends in D.C. The story goes is that Lincoln would travel to the tomb to go inside and sit with his boy. I believe he had the coffin open to talk and comfort his favorite child

(1-2009)  Oak Hill Cemetery
John B. Montgomery, Admiral of the Navy and at the time in charge of the Washington Navy Yard in 1865. Took charge of the remains of John Wilkes Booth who's body was sent there after capture


(1-2009)  Oak Hill Cemetery
Major General Jesse Lee Reno, USA. Killed at South Mountain


(1-2009) Enlarge Oak Hill Cemetery
Reno's grave


(1-2009) Oak Hill Cemetery
Antonio Ford and her husband, John Willard (next photo). She was arrested for being a Confederate spy in Virginia for J.E.B. Stuart and John Mosby. Her husband was a Union officer and part owner of the famous Willard Hotel in D.C. They got married not long after. He escorted her to prison

  (1-2009) Oak Hill Cemetery
Joseph C. Willard

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