Cross Keys Battlefield, Virginia

Robert Yates, VA: May 2003
Lee Hohenstein, Omaha, NE: October 2007
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1. Cross Keys historical markers
2. Battle Summary: Cross Keys, VA
3. CROSS KEYS (8 June 1862): NPS
4. Battle of Cross Keys

Photos/text this page courtesy of Robert Yates, VA    

(May 2003) Enlarge Virginia Civil War Trails marker "Duel Attacks at Cross Keys"

(May 2003) Enlarge Marker "The Civilians of Cross Keys" Much of the local area was settled by the German Baptist Brethren. Many of their descendants still live in the Cross Keys area


(May 2003) Enlarge Marker "Southern Artillery"

(May 2003) Enlarge Cross Keys interpretive marker
(May 2003) Enlarge Battlefield marker  

(May 2003) Looking towards the Southern artillery position

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