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Photos/text this page courtesy of Joel Manuel, Baton Rouge, LA
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(May 2007) Site of Jay's Mill, looking a bit southwest from the tour stop at Jay's Mill


(May 2007) Looking east from atop Wilder Tower, showing the field over which Manigault attacked on September 20. In the background is the eastern Glenn field, along the Lafayette Road


(May 2007) Wilder Tower from under a pine tree. Very pleasant weather that morning


(May 2007) Looking toward Federal positions across Winfrey field from the vantage point of Walthall's and Cleburne's attacks, with the Brotherton Road in the foreground


(May 2007) Looking south into the Brock field


(May 2007) The ditch behind the Viniard house site, w/the footbridge behind Col. Heg's monument


(May 2007) A view looking north along the position of Wilder's Brigade, west Viniard field


(May 2007) Looking east across west Viniard field toward site of Viniard house from Wilder's position

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