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Photos this page courtesy of Joel Manuel, Baton Rouge, LA, William Cook, Fort Oglethorpe, GA, & Paul Stanfield, Chattanooga, TN
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(February 2009) Enlarge Road cut going to Thedford Ford on the Confederate side of West Chickamauga Creek
William Cook photo


(2008) Enlarge Wartime West Chickamauga Creek. Thedford Ford in background. Modern creek takes a cut near here
William Cook photo


(February 2009) Enlarge Another view to the right of wartime West Chickamauga Creek
William Cook photo


(February 2009) Enlarge Another view of wartime Chickamauga Creek, looking toward Thedford Ford. Chickamauga National Military Park in the background
William Cook photo


(2010) Enlarge Thedford Ford on Chickamauga Creek. Bragg established his headquarters here. Creek is up due to recent rains

Bragg's Chickamauga OR Reports
Paul Stanfield photo


(9-2011) Enlarge Another view of Thedford Ford at wartime road crossing. Confederates crossed Chickamauga Creek here on September 19, 1863. Road trace not visible in the picture. Photo taken on September 19, 2011, the 148th anniversary of the battle

(9-2011) More Thedford Ford related and photos of Dalton Ford and area nearby
Paul Stanfield photos


(May 2007) View in the direction of the Confederate attack, from the far side of Chickamauga Creek
Joel Manuel photo


(May 2007) Site of the Alexander house and Eli Lilly's battery
Joel Manuel photo

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