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(November 2013) Enlarge Owings family cemetery, Old Bethel Road (Childress Road during the Civil War) in Chickamauga, GA. A wartime family from Crawfish Spring, later named Chickamauga

1. The Bandy Heritage Center for Northwest Georgia: Battle of Chickamauga a Driving Tour

2. The City of Chickamauga - Crawfish Spring
3. Crawfish Spring - Chickamauga, GA - Waymarking

4. Crawfish Spring Interpretive Marker


(November 2013) Enlarge This view is looking toward Owing's Ford, off Old Bethel Road near Chickamauga. Important crossing of West Chickamauga Creek during the war

1. Owing's Ford and Childress Plantation.
2. Full text of "Official report of the Battle of Chickamauga"


(November 2013) Enlarge Childress Plantation Home. Old Bethel Road

1. Chickamauga Campaign Heritage Trail: Owing's Ford and Childress Plantation.


(November 2013) Enlarge Unknown Civil War era plantation home. Old Bethel Road


(November 2013) Enlarge View looking toward Gower's Ford on Chickamauga Creek.  Five mi. south of Chickamauga, on Hwy 341 South. Another important crossing of Chickamauga Creek prior to the Battle of Chickamauga

1. Gowan's (Grower's) Ford and Widow Glenn's Grave Marker


(2014) Enlarge Patrick Family Cemetery. Chickamauga National Military Park


(2014) Enlarge  Detail Nathaniel Patrick, age 60


(November 2013) Enlarge Civil War era Cove Methodist Church Cemetery. Hwy 341 South, five mi. south of Chickamauga (Crawfish Spring during the Civil War). Widow Eliza Glenn is buried here. Her fenced grave is to the right of the large tree. During the war, Glenn owned the land where Wilder's Tower now stands on the Chickamauga Battlefield

1. History of Walker County Georgia 100 page pdf
2. Find a Grave: The Cove Cemetery
3. The Chickamauga Valley -


(November 2013) Enlarge Widow Eliza Glenn's fenced grave. Widow Glenn's home site next page
1. Gowan's (Gower's) Ford and Widow Glenn's Grave.

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