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Photos/text this page courtesy of Paul Stanfield, TN and Sandy Austin, GA
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(2008) Enlarge Site of Macon Iron Works, Trenton, GA, US-11 at the industrial park


(2008) Enlarge Zachariah O'Neal House, Trenton, GA


(2008) Enlarge Zachariah O'Neal House. One of the few wartime structures still standing in its original form in Dade County


(2008) Enlarge  Marker Photos  Cole Plantation and Academy


(2008) Enlarge Ruins near the Cole Plantation and Academy marker. With a plantation on Squirrel Town Creek, William I. Cole, a 51 year old farmer, was one of the best known slave owners in Dade County. He also operated the Cole Academy, a boarding school for boys

(2012) Enlarge Ruins of the Cole Plantation Spring House


(2006) Enlarge Cole Plantation and Academy before destruction by fire
Sandy Austin photo


(2006) Enlarge Another view

More Views of the Plantation and Academy before the fire
Sandy Austin photos


(2008) Enlarge Murphy's Hollow Spring marker. A beautiful spring located alongside Murph'y Hollow Road. In September 1863 two divisions of the Union 14th Corps and all of the 21st Corps of the Army of the Cumberland used this route to enter Dade County


(2012) Enlarge September 1863 Federal campsite along Crawfish Creek near Trenton, GA

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