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Photos/text this page courtesy of Don Worth, UCLA, William Cook, GA and Paul Stanfield, Chattanooga, TN
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(October-2000) Bragg's HQ on the Brotherton Road
Don Worth photo


(October 2000) Gen. Thomas's battle line on the left flank where the heaviest fighting occurred most of the second day. (looking south)
Don Worth photo


(October 2000) Gen. King's HQ overlooking Kelly Field (looking north)
Don Worth photo
Another view of King's HQ courtesy of William Cook, GA

(October 2000) Brotherton Cabin. New Longstreet's penetration of the Union line (looking south)
Don Worth photo
Additional Photos from 1991


(June 2016) Union Col. Daniel H. Gilmer, 38th Illinois Volunteer Infantry Regiment, killed here on September 20, 1863. Wooded area near Brotherton Field
Paul Stanfield photo


(October 2000) Snodgrass cabin on the slopes of Snodgrass Hill (looking north)
Don Worth photo


(October 2000) Gen. Thomas' HQ just behind Snodgrass Hill.
More Thomas HQ photos below

Don Worth photo

(2008) Enlarge Pvt. John Ingraham's Grave
William Cook photo

(2010) Enlarge Gen. Thomas' Headquarters, Daylight, September 19, 1863
Another view
Paul Stanfield photos


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